Storytellers shape the future.

People who make history, start movements, and found trillion dollar companies are master storytellers.

We turn you into one.
Become a world-class storyteller

"Communication & business is all about connection. Robbie will teach you how to master this. It exceeded my expectations by tenfold."

Casey Means, MD
Co-founder, Levels

Your vision is only worth billions if you can communicate it.
You have an idea for a world-changing business and grit to see it through - but will anyone else?
If you can't sell your story to the world, it's going nowhere.
With us, you'll sell it to anybody.

Who we work with

Start movements

Bring your vision to life. Hook your audience once - and then forever. Walk into every boardroom with confidence, charisma, and a strategy for success. 

Performative Speaking for Founders

Create evangelists

Take complete control of the company narrative. Speak like your company depends on it. Because it does.

Performative Speaking for C-Suite




raised by clients using Performative Speaking techniques in fundraising rounds.

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The powers we unlock in you

Pitch any investor
Get investors to believe that you're the future and open their chequebooks to get you there.
Hire at will
Convince A-level talent to fall over themselves vying to help you build your vision.
Tell stories that sell
New features don’t sell. Product demos don’t sell. Stories sell.
Be prolific
Social. Newsletters. Podcasts. Video. We'll make you prolific.
Own every room
Show your conviction, competence, and charisma that will influence millions.
Speak with authority
Speak with structure, strategy, and conviction. A vocal leader your team members can trust.


Robbie Crabtree

The philosophy behind Performative Speaking developed from Robbie's career as a trial lawyer in 102 jury trials and leading the national mock trial team at SMU Law School.

After learning these first principles, he realized that tech startup founders needed help with storytelling. His core question became "how can I help people with world-changing ideas actually communicate those ideas to change the world?"

He started working with startup founders as a way to unlock their storytelling, their strategy communication and their fundraising ability.

And thus Performative Speaking was born.

Work with us

Founder fundraising program

"Speaking well is something that sets apart a good and an exceptional founder. You should run, not walk to join."

Yuliya Bel
Co-founder, Notus

"No matter what stage of life you're in, you'll wish you had taken this a decade earlier."

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look Strategy

"If you truly want to feel transformed & learn how to speak with emotion, energy, and conviction, check out Performative Speaking."

Prateek Sood
VP of Global Marketing & Commerical Partnerships, Mastercard

"It is singularly the most powerful piece of learning I've undertaken since finishing my degree."

Alex Vickers
Senior Program Manager, Amazon

"Performative Speaking has the unique capability of being able to balance tactical workshops with community building."

Andy Rapista
Program Manager, Notion for Good

Speaking resources

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Become a world-class storyteller