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Become a world-class storyteller

"It was nothing short of powerful."

Katina Mountanos
Co-founder & Chief Well-being Officer, Daydreamers

Finding and hiring a good coach who can help you develop as a speaker or leader is like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

Even if you do find someone, she might be too busy, or the service on offer is too expensive. Furthermore, finding individual coaching in the face of all your competing priorities is difficult!

1-on-1 coaching is the ultimate combination of power, authenticity, and resonance coaching support at any time. Get support tailored to your needs, no matter if it's a one-off project or just motivation to pursue your personal goals.

Investing in your storytelling abilities will transform you into a powerful, inspiring, and dynamic speaker; more eloquent and impactful in planning and execution of your events, meetings, conferences, and fundraising campaigns.

1-on-1 personal coaching

High-impact coaching for storytelling that will transform your company.

Build a bulletproof narrative that rallies your company to make your dream a reality.

Make your words sing...

Speed up for excitement. Slow down for effect. Pause for drama. We’ll help you nail your delivery.

... in conversation....

We’re here to build human connection, not speak to a robot. Speak like someone you’d want to listen to.

...and the boardroom

Land, negotiate, and close new funding and partnerships. Executives are salespeople, so learn to sell anywhere. 

Craft and deliver pitches that win hearts and term sheets.

The perfect pitch

Purpose, passion, potential. Seamlessly guide your audience through your journey and where it's going.

Fundraising mindset

Tell us your story and we’ll put the puzzle pieces together to get investors banging on your door.

Adapt for each round

You’ll understand how to frame narratives, loop ideas in real time, and help your audience see what you see.

Speaks your audience’s language, shift their mindset, and inspire them to act.

Own every room

People will perceive you as a leader with the conviction, competence, and charisma to influence millions.

Cut the crap

Efficiency is king in our world. Get to the point, eliminate filler words, and strategize action steps.

Lead from the front

Speak with structure, strategy, and conviction. A vocal leader your team members can trust. 

Fearless speaking

Turn your serious personal and professional interests into a power packed narrative that wins hearts and shines in the most challenging of situations.

Be comfortable in front of any audience and deliver the most effective message every time - whether in the elevator or a livestream watched by millions.

Perfect your pitch

Clean deck. Grandiose vision. Killer story. It’s hard to believe it can be this simple. 

Master your presence

Gone are the days when you are powerless to communicate. Gone is your negative internal dialogue that inhibits your success.

Deliver your message with clarity, extreme confidence, and conviction. You won't just speak - you'll be heard.

Real-time transformation

We help you say what you mean and mean what you say, so you connect immediately with your audience.

Accelerate your path to mastery of the world's most powerful and immediately relevant speaking topics with real-time, highly relevant feedback from your coach.

Robbie Crabtree

Trial attorney with 102 jury trials under his belt

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month minimum

Personalized advice

Robbie helps you do great things with your voice so you can be heard.

Real-world application

Coaching tailored to your present need and future growth with proven frameworks to apply.

Robbie Crabtree

Trial attorney with 102 jury trials under his belt.

Personalized advice
Real-world application
Helps you find your voice.

1 call per week

We schedule a time that works for your schedule, no matter the time zone.

Live feedback

Each session is live, with video materials available to practice on your own.

Worldwide availability

3 month minimum

1 call per week
Live feedback
Worldwide availability

Contact us for pricing

Full access to PS team
Full access to PS resources
Story at end of first month

1-on-1 coaching questions

How does 1-on-1 coaching work?

Our goal is to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible, whether that’s fundraising, hiring new talent, or creating a company narrative. You’ll meet with Robbie weekly to strategize, create, and rehearse your story. By the end of the first month, you’ll have your Founder Origin Story and Company Story ready to share. From there, we’ll work on delivery to communicate your story with the most impact.

How long does it take to successfully raise?

There’s no great answer here. It depends. We’ve worked with early-stage companies (Seed, Series A) who’ve raised in less than 30 days. Other later stage companies (Series B and beyond) usually take between 3-6 months.

Do I need to be a founder?

For 1-on-1 coaching, yes. However we do make rare exceptions for exceptional fits. If you’re not a founder but think you may be a fit, contact us here.

What if my company pivots and need to change my story?

We realize it’s the nature of startups to evolve so there’s a constant evolution to your story. It’s part art, part science. We give you the foundation and adapt the story according to changes in your business model, deployment of product, and interaction with customers.

Why does it cost that?

Our founders have gone to raise upwards of $70M. We believe in our service and have watched it transform the lives of our founders with their fundraise.

What do most founders struggle with?

Creation and Delivery. There are very few founders who have a great story that crush it with investors. Whether it’s the hook, dismount, or the why, founders struggle with crafting a story that pulls investors in. This goes into delivery. Most founders have never trained their voice and/or never taken the time to listen to great speakers. We’ll help you sound like the best version of yourself while delivering a perfectly crafted story.

Become Your Chief Storytelling Officer

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Become a world-class storyteller