Performative speaking for C-SUITE

Lead your team to greatness

Motivating your team - and potential investors - is a critical success factor for any startup.
Become a world-class storyteller

"Speaking well is a superpower. The people who are able to do it well move markets. That's why I really wanted to work with Robbie."

Frank Dale
SVP of Product, Salesloft

Win the fight for talent & funding

Make your vision clear to everyone, including investors, customers, and employees.

Raise more

Tell us your story and we’ll put the puzzle pieces together to get investors banging on your door.

Sell more

The world doesn’t need 1000’s of founders sounding like Obama. We’ll bring out the best voice of you.

Attract talent

You’ll need investors to provide funding, close A-level talent, and motivate your team to bring your vision to life.

The Performative Speaking
C-suite toolkit

Stories that sell

New features don’t sell. Product demos don’t sell. Stories sell - and we'll help you build yours.

Your hero story

Every hero has an origin story - Spiderman, Iron man, Thor. We'll tell yours.

Your perfect pitch

Seamlessly guide your audience through your journey, where it's going & why they need to care.

Scaling influence

Social. Newsletters. Podcasts. Video. We'll make you so prolific that the entire world will know your story.

Persuasion mastery

What does the structure look like? Are you framing your company’s story correctly? How can you sound more convincing? We’ll ensure those pieces are aligned.

Conversational fluency

Pitch without pitching. Get people to believe that you're the future, no matter what social situation you are in.

“I am extremely grateful to Robbie and the team for giving me the tools toup level my voice and my effectiveness

“When I think about the impact of being able to make more meaningful connections with other people,that ROI calculation got really easy.

Theorists and Experimentalists Join Forces to Explore Nature’s ‘Third Kingdom’ of Particles

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“Word vomit your story and Performative Speaking will put the pieces together.

Adam Guild


Series A raised
Adam used the Performative Speaking fundraising strategy to raise a $10.7M seed round, followed by a $15M series A only six months later.
Altman Capital
Redpoint Ventures
FTX's Sam-Bankman Fried

“Word vomit your story and Performative Speaking will put the pieces together.

Adam Guild

Tools for every leadership test

Effective communication is the key to great leadership. This doesn't come easy for many executives out there though, but it's one of the most under-appreciated assets of world-changing CEOs.

Attracting industry talent

Entering new markets

Getting the most out of executives

Gain leverage

If you aren't a natural at public speaking, it's exponentially harder to get buy-in for your key strategies. You lose out on major opportunities to grow your company faster when employees, investors, or customers don't see you as an industry leader.

We'll transform you into a magnetic speaker that unlocks your company's true potential.

    Hire to your heart's content

    Stuck in the middle of a hiring slump? The race is on to hire great employees, customers, and investors.

    Stop jabbering incoherently in front of potential recruits. Learn how to speak off-the-cuff with ease and without fear so you can dazzle top industry talent into beating a path to your office.

    Programs for C-suite

    1-on-1 coaching

    Executive team coaching

    Leaders who can't convey their vision to their team are dangerous for their company's growth.
    Wield the art and science of masterful communication to become an industry titan.

    Leadership voice

    Deliver consistently powerful guidance and impactful presentations to your executives.

    Hiring strategies

    Don't let another lackluster company story ruin your chances of hiring top talent.

    Crisis communication

    Get tools to reduce people's fears and show the world that you're the steady captain of the ship.

    Be the voice of industry dominance

    Imagine where you'll go when you own any room.

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    Become a world-class storyteller