The future belongs to leaders who inspire

Give your leaders the tools to get the best from their teams. We make people better at leading people.
Improve your team's communication
Nothing will ever be more important to your company than its leaders. Yet so few are given coaching to become the lead-by-example types of executives that inspire, challenge, and help your team be the best versions of themselves.

So these people are put in front of clients, prospects, and even the public without training because of what? Cost? Ego?

Executive Team Coaching teaches every leader to be a world-class speaker, whether on stage, in front of a camera or with their team. They will think with power, speak with power, and lead with power.

You'll get hiring machines, visionary leaders, and highly engaging speakers out of your executive team faster than you can imagine.

Lead each department to glory

We help your team speak better in every occasion: boardrooms, all-hands meetings, pitches, or just the hallway.

Make meetings count

No more wishy-washy all-hands that employees hate attending. Speak like your company depends on it. Because it does.

1-on-1s become valuable

Construct fluid narratives for every department and conduct 1 on 1’s that drive results.

Hire talent at will

An executive team that speaks captivatingly is a magnet for hiring the best talent in the industry.

“Word vomit your story and Performative Speaking will put the pieces together.

Adam Guild
Founder, Owner.com


Series A raised
Adam used the Performative Speaking fundraising strategy to raise a $10.7M seed round, followed by a $15M series A only six months later.
Altman Capital
Redpoint Ventures
FTX's Sam-Bankman Fried

“Word vomit your story and Performative Speaking will put the pieces together.

Adam Guild
Founder, Owner.com

Strength through body language

It's not just what they say, it's how they say it that matters most. We help your leaders silence distracting body language, tone down nervous energy, and earn the respect of their reports, clients, and investors.

"The clarity of thought, clarity of speaking, and clarity of direction I want to go in has been completely transformed by Performative Speaking."

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look

360° pitch support

We meet with your team before their next critical presentation, helping them deliver on-point presentations, every time.

After going step-by-step through what they are doing well and where there is room for improvement, we follow up with them to learn what they've gleaned from the experience and how they could have done better.

    Communication leads to retention

    As time goes on, top performers leave if they don't get to deliver their message. If they can't speak well, how will they attract and retain the best people?

    Give your existing A team the tools to showcase their skills and make sure customers never leave unhappy with your company. And in turn your A team won't leave, period.

    "I am extremely grateful to Robbie and the team for giving me the tools to up-level my voice and effectiveness."

    Casey Means, MD
    Co-founder, Levels

    Imagine the powerhouse that will emerge from all this new leadership talent.
    Soon you won't have to.

    Team coaching

    Get coaching as a group, with material tailored to each executive's unique role.

    1-on-1 coaching

    The most direct way for a leader to become the speaker they need to be.

    Growth milestones

    Coaching that grows with your team, through fundraising rounds, hiring or acquisitions.

    Executive team coaching questions

    How does C-Suite coaching work?

    We’ll take your entire executive team through the Performative Speaking philosophy.

    Do you do this for sales teams?

    We have, although we are focusing more on executive teams. However, contact us if you think it may be a fit for your sales team.

    How much does it cost?

    As every team coaching experience is unique, please contact us to discuss pricing and the coaching format.

    How long is a typical exec coaching engagement?

    Training ranges from 1 day to months long trainings. We customize this for your team and your needs.

    Do you do this in person?

    We conduct trainings in person, online, or hybrid. Whatever your team prefers.

    The future belongs to leaders who inspire

    Get fresh, revolutionary ideas that will change the way your people communicate and train forever.

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    Improve your team's communication