Playbook for the 3 P Perfect Pitch (Founders)

A common problem most founders have when telling their story...not having any idea how to start and frame it.

Luckily, there's a rock-solid framework using the 3 P's that you can consistently use to nail your pitch.


1. What’s the problem? 

2. What’s your solution? 

3. Why now? 

4. CAC? 

5. GTM? 


1. Why do you care? 

a. Your story, family, friend, etc 

b. Start with the story that made you get into this 

c. Then tell the story of why you are willing to risk it all on this 2. Why won’t you stop? 

a. The future story of you (think of this as what makes you persistent) 3. Who’s your team? 

4. Why do they care? 

5. Will other people care enough to join your team? 


1. How big can it be? 

2. TAM 

3. Who are your competitors? 

4. What’s your defensibility? 


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