Starting Out: Speaking One Exercise

When starting out on your journey towards mastering performative speaking, it's crucial to set your current baseline to base your future progress against.

These are all of the questions to ask yourself when starting off.

• What are your 3 biggest strengths as a speaker?

• What are your 3 biggest weaknesses to work on?

• What type of talk is your favorite? (speech, pitch, story, etc.)

• What is your least favorite?

• Where do you like to create your talks? 

• How do you like your environment when you create? -Do you memorize, outline, or wing it? 

• What is your character or characters? 

• How can you get practice? 

• Do you have a favorite speech either real or fictional? -Who inspires you as a speaker? 

• What topics do you want to talk about? 

• What is your dream scenario?

Write down your answers, then refer to them in three, six and twelve months.

You'll be absolutely amazed at how far you've come.

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