The Science Behind Storytelling & Why it Works

Why does storytelling work and the science behind it... Simply put, it's all about the science. Storytelling creates oxytocin and dopamine in the audience. So for founders you can connect and excite investors. You can connect and excite A level talent. You can connect and excite customers. Storytelling unlocks your funding, talent, and revenue growth. The science shows storytelling works and creates what I call Story Selling. When you do it right as a founder, entrepreneur, salesperson, or business leader, you unlock your full potential. Every major leader over the past century knew the power of storytelling. Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Dale Carnegie, Jeff Bezos, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, Trevor Noah, Anthony Bourdain, and Malala are just some examples. Who's your favourite storyteller?

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